Glynis Hibbott- Centre Owner/Director

Registered Teacher

I have been involved in many aspects of Early Childhood Education for the last 25 years, from Kindergarten teaching to lecturing and leadership in initial teacher education. I have a certificate in Early Childhood Development (developmental psychology), a Degree in Education specialising in Teaching ECE, a Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education specializing in ECE. My passion throughout all these experiences is a focus and advocacy for the rights of all children and their Whanau, to experience the best environment, within an early childhood education centre, for their optimal learning and development. I believe that children learn best when they experience an environment that allows them to grow, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually by providing a space where they are free to explore through play and real life experiences, including animal husbandry, in a variety of natural environments. Where these children are empowered to take responsibility for their own and their peers learning, becoming a community of learners who share and care for each other.


Head Teacher
Hi, my name is Rhiannon, I am the head teacher here. I am fully registered and qualified as an early childhood teacher as well as recently completing my first postgraduate qualification (Certificate in management) I have always had a fierce passion for working with and advocating for children, which I was lucky to discover early and have spent my life since my teens working towards this goal. I have over 10 years of experience working with young children and consider myself to be kind, bubbly,  and enthusiastic. I believe in providing authentic experiences for children to develop lifelong skills such as risk management skills and the development of empathy.




Qualified Teacher

Kia Ora Whānau, my name is Andra Bobermien and I am a
qualified teacher from Germany. In my home country I did a 3 years professional education course, gained work experiences at kindergartens, Primary school and Europe’s largest recreation centre.
I have been living in New Zealand for over 8 years. 
Last 6 years, I have been working with preschool children in Auckland. I am a very creative and passionate person, who believes in the importance of nature based education. I love doing art crafts, cooking, gardening and enjoy exploring the outdoors with my family. I am also currently doing a small business management course to improve my skills.

Aroha nui & liebe Gruesse





Ashley Gillard

Registered Teacher 

Kia ora! My name is Ashley Gillard and I am a registered and qualified primary school teacher. I am originally from Pennsylvania, USA. Previously, I taught in Sweden for two years where I met my Canadian husband! We moved to Aotearoa six years ago, and we recently adopted our rambunctious dog, Max! Since then, I have been teaching preschool children. I believe our tamariki naturally make sense of the world through their own wonderings, explorations, discoveries and inquiries in connection with papatuanuku (earth mother).

Hope Wright

Provisionally Registered Teacher 

Konichiwa, my name is Hope and I have just finished the last year of my study towards being a qualified Early Childhood teacher. I am a half-Japanese and a vegetarian and my passions include animals, sustainability, and the outdoors. I got into teaching 2 years ago because I believe children are extraordinary human beings who are capable of being the change we need in this world. I value compassion above anything else and hope to inspire the children I teach to do everything with love. I absolutely love being an Early Childhood teacher and see it more as a passion rather than a job.


Registered Teacher​

Kia Ora, hello, Ni Hao. My name is Chris, and I am a registered early childhood teacher. It is my pleasure to be part of the Farm Friends whanau. I originally came from Hong Kong, but  New Zealand has been my second home since 2001. I have been teaching in the early childhood sector since 2008. My role as a teacher is to support your child for the journey of life, and together we will spark your child's humanity, creativity and curiosity through nature discovery and authentic learning provocations. Nature is the best open book of wisdom. I believe that engaging in positive interactions with the natural environment can enhance children's holistic development and lead them to discover the joy of learning.


Centre Cook

Brenda is our amazing chef who cooks our lovely nutritious meals daily. Brenda has many years of experience cooking for a variety of different people of all ages.